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Video tutorials are our best self-help and self-learning tool. As you can see we have created video tutorials about main web account set-up features. You can quickly set-up your new web hosting account.

How to create a POP3 email account
Each POP3 account is assigned an Email address and a password which allows the user to log into the Email server (mail.yourdomain.com). A user will enter their email address (you@domain.com) and password, and then down-load their Email. Most users use 3rd party Email programs to download mail from the server. This video will show you how to create a POP3 account in your Control Panel.
How to create a default (catch-all) email account
Ever wanted to receive ALL the mail no matter who it was sent to?  Maybe you are the only person at your domani that receives mail.  This account is what you want!  If they send mail to "bob@yourdomain" or to "tom@yourdomain.com" you will receive it.  Be careful, this is also the most common way for spammers to send you mail too.  Many people set this to :FAIL: so that only email accounts created will receive mail.
How to setup mail in my Outlook Express program
So you're using Outlook for your email, and now you want to be able to receive the mail on your computer instead of going into the webmail?  This little tutorial will take you through the necessary steps.  The video is geared around Outlook Express, but the same procedure would apply to users of Eudora, Lotus or Outlook.
How to create an autoresponde
Are you leaving for the weekend?  Maybe you're out on vacation, or maybe you have default information that gets sent back to users when they submit an email to you.  The autoresponder will help make life a little easier.  It does exactly as it says - it sends back a reply when an email is received to that address.
How to create a subdomain
A subdomain is a word that is before your domain that links to a folder.
How to create a custom error page
Ever gone to a website and the page doesn't exist.  Maybe they have a notice say page was moved, or they have a graphic or animation on the page to say that it was deleted.  These are 404 error pages.  404 is the number Apache (the web server) gives to a file not found.  This move will show you how to edit them.
How to password protect a directory/folder
Everyone has a part of their site they would like to keep others out of.  By password protecting the folder, you can prevent users from accessing the folder unless they have a username and password.  This moving will show you how to create a user for a folder.  Please remember while it's protected, it's not SECURE!
How to create a MySQL user and database
Databases are becoming more and more popular on the web.  As a result, you'll probably want to know how to set one up.  Don't forget once you make a database and a user, you must ASSIGN the user to the database.  This is the most common step people forget to do.
How to Manage a MySQL database in PHPMyAdmin
PHPMyAdmin is a tool that is pre-installed on your control panel and is one of the more popular database editing tools on the market.  From your MySQL icon, at the bottom of the page you'll find PHPMyAdmin.  This is a powerful tool, so if you don't know what you're doing in there, please use caution.
How to Install FrontPage Extensions
FrontPage - Microsoft's answer to webdesigners.  Unfortuantly Microsoft also wants you to host on a windows server so they can make even MORE money from licenses.  FrontPage Extensions allow you to use FrontPage on a Linux server (which is what we use).  You need to run this utility if you use FrontPage!
Note: Existing users have much more info about their web hosting account than just the video tutorials. There is information about your domain in the My Account Links section and existing users have listed, all necessary info to manage your web hosting account.
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